I'm Beth - photographer, soap maker, interior-enthusiast, styling-hobbyist, burritologist...kind of a modern-day renaissance gal.   I'm an Iowa born-and-bred California girl (13 years in LA) currently living in Denver along with my DJ husband, our two sons, and two muppety mutts.   When I'm not elbows-deep in one project or another, I'm working away in the entertainment industry making TV.

Stuff that makes me super happy (because what else is there really?): Travel, taking pics, flea markets, working in the soap studio, movies at the Alamo/Arclight/Vista, running at dusk, documentaries, yoga class, thrifting, binging TV, binging podcasts, rainy days, metallics, game nights, ghost stories, the color seafoam, Domino Magazine, tree-lined streets, iced coffee, dog walks along the LA River, avocados, extra crispy bacon, art projects, Pinterest, Etsy, This American Life, cribbage, clogs, mis amigas, old houses, small towns, time with the fam, rehabbing furniture, rearranging rooms, the shutter snap of my old Pentax K1000, record shopping, clothing swaps, The Oxford Project, Minnetonka Moccs, marzipan, Sunday mornings at the farmers market, used book stores, outdoor concerts, independent boutiques, taking a class, checking out a new restaurant, wallpaper, our vegetable garden, pretending I'm good at knitting and sewing, horse shows, state fairs, pretty much anything vintage, throwing parties, dark chocolate, a good glass of wine, blasting music and cleaning the house, and, of course, snuggling with my boys.

Thanks for stopping by!